Bringing Together "Art" and "Critique" to Form Artique.

What is Artique?

These two concepts collide when doing appraisals. In order to determine the price of something, someone must judge the material item.

A professional appraisal is a way to find the worth of a piece of property. Some examples may include real estate, a company, or a piece of art. Appraisals are frequently used to determine a possible selling price.

Examples of Appraisals

Before choosing someone for the job, it's critical to pay great attention to the appraiser's qualifications and know what to look for. This is because personal property appraisers are not licensed by the United States government.

Steps for getting a proper art appraisal

Identify Your Purpose for the Appraisal

Establish Proper (Organized) Documentation

Talk to the Appraiser to Establish Their Credibility

Prepare a Space for the Appraiser to Take Photos

Obtain the Final Report

During a divorce, the property rights and duties of spouses are divided by a judge. It might be accomplished by an agreement, a property settlement, or a court order.

Property division has a lot of complexity to it. There are different ways that property is divided depending on the state. For example, according to Sterling, in Illinois, the state is an “equitable division” state. This does not imply that marital property must be divided equally between the couples; rather, the legislation requires the court to distribute marital property fairly or reasonably.